About Us

Jared Byrd

It took Jared Byrd four years to get to his first ultramarathon — 2012’s North Face 50K near Washington, DC.

Four years after that he ran 205.8 miles at the Bigfoot 200-Mile Endurance Run in the Northern Cascade Mountains in Washington.

“Sometimes I’m slow to start,” says the Maryland-based runner, “Then I tend to go overboard.”

Moderation isn’t his strong suit — be it training miles, collecting gadgets, or bagging buckles — when Byrd goes, he goes all in.

Jared blogs over on RunningFeral.com. Follow him @JaredMilesUltra.

Sara Davidson

Sara Davidson ran her first 50K in 2009, then swore off anything farther.

It didn’t last long.

She finished the Bull Run Run 50-Miler in 2012, the Laurel Highlands 70.5 in 2013, the Vermont 100 in 2014, and ran the Bigfoot 200 with Byrd in 2016.

She should stop saying no to new distances.

Davidson is a sometimes freelance health and fitness writer, and has been published in Military Times newspapers and PT365 blog, as well as Recoil and Offgrid Magazines.

Follow her @TheSaraD.

The Endurist

We are ultrarunners, and last year at the Bigfoot 200 we joined an even more niche pack of crazy who don’t stop at 100 miles.

This year we’ll run the Tahoe 200, because why not?

While researching and prepping for Bigfoot last year we realized there weren’t a lot of resources for the ultra-ultrarunner. We had lots of questions — about gear, about nutrition, about feet — and couldn’t find a lot of answers.

Hence, The Endurist.

We hope to track and review specialty gear, research nutrition, and work through training plans for those who hope to go really long. We’ll also blog about balance — both in running and in what it takes for two ultrarunners to live, train, and race together without killing each other.

2017 race schedule

  • May: UROC 100K
  • June: Bryce 100
  • September: Tahoe 200
  • November: Pinhoti 100

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