Running Feral | The Bigfoot 200

Sara and Jared near Mt. St. Helens in Washington.

Sara and Jared near Mt. St. Helens in Washington.

Over on, Jared writes about August’s Bigfoot 200.

Coming out of the prerace briefing, Sara and I began to understand that we were fucked. The two hours of pre-race information had left her feeling nauseous and left me feeling certain that a section called Klickitat was where people go to die.

We had known when we signed up that the race — through the wilderness of the Northern Cascades — was more than 200 miles with more than 90,000 feet of elevation change. But, hearing all of this in person made it feel a lot more real.

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Welcome to The Endurist


We are ultrarunners, and last year at the Bigfoot 200 we joined an even more niche pack of crazy who don’t stop at 100 miles.

This year we’ll run the Tahoe 200, because why not?

While researching and prepping for Bigfoot last year we realized there weren’t a lot of resources for the ultra-ultrarunner. We had lots of questions — about gear, about nutrition, about feet — and couldn’t find a lot of answers.

Hence, The Endurist.

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